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So, I was thinking, I really should start blogging again… I really enjoyed doing it, it was cathartic :). I have a mind that jumps around a lot, it gets distracted too easily sometimes, and loves hoping from idea to idea, from place to place, while occasionally useful when combined with my memory it does mean I start something, jump to something else and then forget all about the previous thing.

As I sit here typing, my PC is chugging away trying to create a PDF (which didnt quite work as I expected… plan B, or is it C now, I guess) of my artworks so I can take the printed out version to a meeting I have coming up. These past few years since Japan and becoming self employed have not been easy ones, but at the same time I have never felt more in touch with the reality of who I am… which is nice… just not very good at getting the bills paid ;).

Slowly however things have been changing, my name is out there a bit more these days and slowly word is spreading, and I hope, my skills are improving all the time so my art can reach higher and higher and I can realise more adventurous projects. Which leads me to this summer.

Last year I went around UK as part of the awesome YRoT (Youth Rally on Tour), it was a fantastic experience and I always enjoy working Alove, they have a way of making me feel at ease, which was good as I was trying to lead teenagers through the idea of using art in worship. Well this summer that is being taken a step further and I am at summer schools doing more in depth work… which is cool… and scary…as its more time to fill, and how do I teach people to create art when I am very much still a student of it? Should be a good journey finding out :).

Of course that meandering thought doesnt really answer how I am going to use this blog, and I suppose that I will leave up to the fates, but also if there are any  subjects people want me to rant on about you can always suggest them down below :).

Until next time, shalom.

EDIT: I have forgotten to say (how unusual I know) that I have had the pleasure of working the past few months with the awesome folks over at LThan3 doing various bits of arty type things, so if you are into gaming I would go check them out and don’t forget to spread the <3.

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  1. Been an absolute pleasure having you work with us, and I sincerely hope that this relationship continues into the future. Love your style and work ethic, and how you can stay humble even when being so awesome.

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