Open Letter: Uganda Anti-Gay Bill, a request for a public deceleration of opposition

What follows is an open letter, about the Uganda anti-gay bill (info: Amnesty & CNN), I would hope that no matter your view on homosexuality you will see that this bill as the act of darkness and oppression that it is and would urge the leaders of The Salvation Army to action, their silence so far speaks volumes.


To the leaders of the Salvation Army, in particular General Linda Bond.

RE: Uganda Anti-Gay Bill, a request for a public deceleration of opposition.

General, and the leaders of the international Salvation Army, as I am sure you are more than aware there is an increasing cry of opposition to a bill about to be voted on in Uganda. This bill would make being homosexual at least punishable by life imprisonment and I have been dismayed that my own spiritual home, an Army raised to fight injustice and darkness, would stay silent on this issue.

This is not an issue of theology, it is not a matter of wither the Salvation Army accepts homosexuality, for the call to love our neighbours as ourselves, to spread the love and peace of Christ trumps all other arguments and this bill is spreading hatred and darkness. It is a matter of human dignity and social justice. Lay aside issue of doctrine for they matter not here, when men and women will be put in prison, for who they are.

We must, as an Army rise up, as we have done so many other times in the past, and declare this bill as the act of oppression  injustice, and evil that it is. It is true that it may cost the Army but the rallying cry this year has been to echo the words of the Founder, “I’ll fight”, yet have we backed away from this fight? We we ignore his words in this case while men and women will be put in prison? Will hatred is allowed to reign? Will we be silent and so being condemned by our silence? For, if I may paraphrase, all it takes for evil to flourish is for the good to say nothing.

We are an Army fighting for social justice, who have before stood against great powers of darkness throughout this world, let not our silence condemn us, may we stand with Christ and spread peace and understanding.

So, as a solider in your Army, I implore you, shine a light on this darkness, raise the Armys voice against this social injustice.

In His Service,
Adam Howie

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  1. Please do not be silent ,as Christian’s we accept and love all without condition.
    Irregardless of their choices ,no one deserves to have their human rights violated
    I agree please break your silence and stand up against such injustice.

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