2012 stuff… 2013 stuff…

So, 2012 has gone (well, is going) to the place where ever the past is.

Been an interesting year, worked at various summer camps/events, been doing more work for LThan3, and various other little bits and pieces here and there, still not enough to “live” (i.e pay all bills, food, etc) but enough to keep me busy at least. Still really enjoying the times I get to live artwork, hopefully have more opportunities for that this coming year.

Anyway, thats 2012, what about 2013?

Well, I have some plans, which is really why I am writing this in the vein hope that by making it public I will actually do them :), so in no order what-so-ever, what I have planned for 2013…

  • Start streaming 2-3 times a week for at least a couple of hours
    • got some software I can use now in conjunction with new PC
    • also new stream channels:
    • mix of practice and actual artwork
  • Get adverts out to places to try and get more business in
    • Will need to think about how best to advertise
    • Want to promote live art and “instillations”
    • as part of this try and use my Facebook and Google+ page more?
  • Try and get an exhibition or two (may be more possible with funding from this?)
    • Will need more traditional artworks to really do this as too many still dont accept digital work
    • so will need to experiment with physical and digital art techniques
    • Trying out oils, different surfaces etc
  • Work and try and get initial version, of the setting at least, of my sci-fi rpg done
    • Initial idea has formed and basic framework for universe
    • Need more detail and drive
  • Timetable my days a bit better
  • Restart diet
    • not really gained much in last few months but need to start losing again
  • Read more
    • Got a new book on the go, and a couple others I want to read

Think that about covers it, just a small list, I am not calling these “resolutions” or any such rubbish, simply these are things I have been working on/towards for a while and just need to write down to make sure I am more focused.

Anyway, hope you all have/had a blessed Christmas/Holiday Season/New Year/End of December/whatever 🙂