2016 – The Films

So, 2016 is drawing to a close, thankfully, and I thought I would look back at the few films I managed to get round to watching this year. There were a lot I missed for various reasons but overall the year had some decent movies. I am sure many will disagree with me on my allocations of some of these but hey, we are all different, you can always make your own list.


One of my all-time favourite superhero movies ever… just… not for the little ones ok? ok.

Interesting script and concept, although I did catch one of its twists early on it still took me for a great journey, and even played with my assumptions well. Also, an utterly brilliant OST.

Kimi no Na wa (Your Name)
Brilliant movie, worth watching even if you don’t like anime, or don’t usually watch animated features. There is a reason this is up for a Oscar, if you can do watch it in Japanese with subtitles, but even if you must watch it dubbed, at least watch it. (I acknowledge my fan-boy-ish bias for Makoto Shinkai)

The Good, The Decent, and the OK

Captain America: Civil War
It was next step in the ongoing plot within the MCU, had some excellent moments, but it was not a patch on Winter Solider, but was still fun and it had Spider-man, so some bias may have crept in

Doctor Strange
I was hoping for a good start to Doctor Strange, and it delivered on its promise of an MCU take on the mystical arts, with some fun reality warping magic and decent characters, but suffered from being an origin story, but partially forgiven as they were introducing not just a new character but a literal new dimension to the MCU

Star Trek: Beyond
I had fun, yeah it was obvious at parts it was directed by a Fast and Furious director, but equally there were some moments of proper Trek in there too, and less lens flares, which was nice :).

X-Men: Apocalypse
Again fun was had, but looking back there were very few stand out moments (that weren’t in trailers), but overall while the weakest of the new trilogy it wasn’t anywhere near the train-wreck that was X-Men 3.

Rogue One
Really enjoyed this one, just falls out of the top bracket but only just. Some very nice moments and nods, but will say nothing more less spoilers be gleamed.


Suicide Squad (although depends on which parts I remember)
Seriously I did not enjoy much of this movie, it was disjointed, meh script, the Joker was boring, the plot even for a comic book movie was executed poorly, I got bored, and I think what irks me the most, what also keeps this down and would even put it lower is I just know deep down that this could have been so much better, it had glimmers of hope and a decent movie, brushed and smothered to nought.

Secret Life of Pets
Almost all the best bits were in the trailer, but it wasn’t terrible apart from that, good for what it was, but nothing that sets it apart or makes it terrible.

“I wish to burn it to ash”

Batman v Superman
Synder, I wish to have some very strong words with you… seriously how the hell did they so perfectly screw up almost every aspect of this… that being said Wonder Woman was a saving moment so some hope remains for her solo film and the DCCU.

Not seen but still want to see…

Independence Day: Resurgence
10 Cloverfield Lane
Finding Dory
Kubo and the Two Strings
The Magnificent Seven
Midnight Special

“What is to come…” the ones I want to be good in 2017…

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2
The first was so good, hopefully the difficult “second album” works.

Spider-man: Homecoming
I enjoyed his debut in Civil War, and Holland seems like a good Spidey, so this could work… and that Vulture suit is cool

Alien: Covenant
Could be good… I mean Prometheus was alright?… well ok at least?

Justice League
Seriously Synder… I am watching you. I am not going to let a fun trailer fool me again.

Wonder Woman
Could be good, its at least a different setting than usual for her origin introduction, and she was the best bit by far in BvS.

Kong: Skull Island
The trailers are giving mixed feelings, but the scale is there at least.

The Dark Tower
I know nothing about this universe/series but the buzz is making me interested.

Episode VIII
I mean come on… its Star Wars, how can I not be looking forward to this.

War for the Planet of the Apes
The first two were good, so hopefully a third movie in a series that’s also good, either way the effects are still utterly amazing for the apes.

Ghost in the Shell
In my view this is a film that didn’t need to be made, but for all its faults (of which there are many), it does seems to understand the look of GitS, hopefully it nails it.

The Mummy
I remain unconvinced judging by the recent trailer, but it would be nice for Universal to actually get their rebooted Monsters Universe under way properly.

Thor: Raganork
Please let the rumours be true of this borrowing elements from Planet Hulk, but either way should at least be a romp.

Kingsman: Golden Circle
I really enjoyed the first Kingsman, so another one with potential.

Bladerunner 2049
Nervously excited about this, WAY to early to tell.

John Wick: Chapter 2
The first John Wick embraced its nature and was fun because of it, hopefully more fun to be had.

The final in the Wolverine films, and its shaping up to be something interesting.

XXX: Return of Xander Cage
The first Triple X was just silly mindless fun, more of the same please 🙂

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets
Luc Besson and Sci-fi… at the very least it will look gorgeous.

I think there are a few others are there as well, but that will do for now 🙂

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