2016 – The Art (mine to be precise)

So, yeah, my final post about 2016 (you can find the other two here… Movies and Games), and of course its going to be focused on my job and passion, that being my art. It was a difficult year as it began with me again facing redundancy (twice in two years), then of course on a more personal note my father died unexpectedly in March which has obviously left a bitter touch to this year. This all thats also without even getting into the various world issues that happened, compounding into what I think many will consider a difficult and dark year.

That being said, despite the difficulties I was involved in a number of very interesting projects the end results of which I am very proud of. I also launched a Patreon which has not worked as well as I had hoped, so a rethink is in order. In fact as 2017 looms ever closer it shall be time to refocus on the year ahead, to try and get moving into art/craft fairs, to create works that I can actually sell at these fairs, and hopefully more projects.

Anyway, below is my selection of my work from this year that made it out. One of the project I was involved with doesn’t launch until April(ish) 2017 so I cant reveal more that has been already shown on that one, but trust me, it will hopefully be worth the wait :).  The thumbnails will usually take you to the store page, a copy of the file if there is no print)

Wedding Art
Willis Wedding
Sinclair Wedding
Commissioned Work
Rest No More Weary Traveller
(Brother Saturn)
(Presence Project)
(Dev Brow)
Live/Worship Artwork

The Heretic
(Alove Youth Worker Gathering, Feb. 2016)

Love Others
(All Scotland Youth Councils, Nov. 2016)

Love God
(All Scotland Youth Councils, Nov. 2016)

Agnus Dei







Wounds of Division
Fantasy/Science Fiction/Horror


Patreon Alien


From the Flames

Cthulhu Rises

Water Nymph

The Ravenous Undead

Dragon (still WIP)

So, yeah, some pieces I am very pleased with but I still know how much further I have to go. Hopefully 2017 will at last be the year I get it together and can actually make a living out this passion.