Kimdedian Creed

The Kimdedian Creed: a journey in what I believe

 What follows is an attempt to try and put into words and statements my beliefs, my views, my opinions about this world. It is has been, and continues to be, since July 2009 a journey, dynamic and ever moving, changing, and evolving as I study, think, and explore what it is I believe about certain things.

Take what you will from this exploration, hopefully it will come together and perhaps give you more of an idea of what I am like and maybe even spark questions about your own beliefs.

Firstly I have created a TL/DR version for those who would prefer it:

  • I believe in God, and that Christ was his Son, who lived, died, and was resurrected.
  • I believe in the methodology of science and the pursuit of knowledge, logic, and reason (and that this does not create a paradox with the above)
  • I believe in the equality of all people and that they should have equal access to all rights/privileges within society
  • That despite everything, at the centre of it all is the truth, “Love wins”

I have split the following into different sections, (SPIRITUAL), (SCIENCE/KNOWLEDGE), (POLITICAL/SOCIETY), this is purely for simplicity and not because I think they should be compartmentalised, life is a mix of all aspects physical, mental, and spiritual.

So, I believe…


  • In God, an entity beyond comprehension and yet knowable, an entity of ultimate pure infiniteness who walks with the finite.
  • The truth of what and who God is transcends any human concept or full understanding, yet we can still glimpse enough of the infinite to understand its nature. As such all attempts to say what God is like are merely the fumbling in the dark of our finite minds trying to come to terms with something so fantastically incomprehensible that the moment we think we have it defined and boxed in, it slips our grasp. This process isn’t frustrating but rather a great deep mystery.
  • This process of mystery and discover drives us deeper into understanding but we should seek to destroy any idols that this creates, false images that claim to fully know or comprehend this infinite wonder
  • that the triune nature of God is a perfect self sustaining community of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and as such we have the desire for community at our heart. I also accept that the trinity may be the best human construct we have to try and understand an elemental part of God and that no doubt the truth will be more awesome and exciting.
  • that in the beginning was God, who created a complex knowable reality full of wonder, and in a way that we could see how this world works and be drawn ever deeper into its intricate workings
  • That God is a creative being and delights in creativity, creativity that goes beyond art and extends throughout our being in the reflection of the creative and imaginative creator
  • that Jesus was a historical figure, and was in some way I cannot fully grasp was the physical embodiment of the “Son”, that he died on a cross, and was resurrected and “ascended” to return fully to the Trinity
  • that God loves, cares for, inspires, guides, and challenges all people, regardless of wither or not they believe, as all people have a “touch of the divine”, that part that is “created in the likeness of God”
  • that everyone is unique and has worth
  • that God is here, not there, He is not remote and distant, God is an active part of this universe and is bound within it and yet not a part of it, He has bound Himself into its existence and takes pleasure in its existence and its workings
  • that no barrier should ever be put between God desired relationship with humanity, all are welcome, there are no exclusions, God removed the barriers through Christ and we should never be responsible for putting those barriers back up.
  • there is only one Church, it knows no border, it is not limited by physical location and extends into the infinite and heaven itself, it is not a denomination, it is not a place, it is not a set of beliefs or dogmas, it is the pure and unblemished “Kingdom”
  • in the “Kingdom of Heaven” which is both to come and is here now, and that can be made real in this world, and that it is our duty and pleasure to make it real in this world through our actions and the will of God. This kingdom if not one of earthly power or pleasure but of peace, justice, unity, and love.
  • that prayer can change things, even the “will (or mind) of God”
  • that “religion” should have no desire for earthly power and the pursuit for dominion over others is counter to the teachings of Christ and the bible that no one human should ever have dominion over another, especially not in the church, in this I mean that the idea of a role where one person has utter control over another’s belief and life is unbiblical as the apostles which were the leaders in their day were a group not a single person
  • that many churches have become a perversion of what church was intended to be and through this has become a force for ill not good, it has developed an overly concerned view on “the state of the church” and focusing on numbers, size, dogma, and “returning to our values” when they should be looking forward and doing as their forefathers did and embracing the challenges of the world in their day and reforming the church into what it needs to be for this day and this age
  • that the sacrifice and redemptive power of the Cross and Resurrection extend throughout time and across boundaries that humans put in its ways and that the forgiveness is offers is open to all
  • that miracles, signs, and wonders, still happen today, however that many alleged miracles, signs, and wonders are either misinterpreted, faked, or worse
  • in worship, and that worship goes beyond singing and into other forms, the creative, the intellectual, the physical, the practical, the private, the public, worship is life not an hour on a Sunday
  • in the priesthood of all believers so that all may serve and be served by each other,
  • in “moments of perfect beauty”, glimpses of the perfect and divine in the everyday, shards that change and enhance life by their happening
  • that all can, and should, have a voice within the Church, so that they may share what they believe God is saying to them and the church
  • that the bible is the inspired word of God, there were many other “holy” texts not included and those that were chosen for a reason but that does not automatically deny texts outside the bible. The new testament is mainly letters between people, so we must be careful we do not ignore other texts that may be just as inspired by God
  • that doubt, questioning, and seeking are needed tools and part of faith, blind acceptance leads to a dangerous place
  • that everything must be tested, no matter its source, and if found unworthy ignored or re-evaluated, there should be reasoned discussion and debate about all issues, and that such things should be done in a spirit of seeking new truths, and understanding others, and while we may disagree that should not make us enemies or cause undue friction, however too many in the church would much rather ignore facts and debates because it makes them think, or because its inconvenient, or clashes with their world view, and too often say “prove it” and then ignore or deny the proof… all beliefs MUST come about through this refining
  • that although we should fear (in the sense of awestruck, beyond our knowledge, but not out of a place of negativity or darkness) God, yet also we should not worship or follow out of fear (as in condemnation, darkness, etc)
  • That I am willing to be wrong and that my beliefs and faith is a journey where I discover more and more and refine my understanding as I encounter the spiritual in the day to day, as well as the exceptional
  • That “love wins”. And this powerful truth knocks down many an argument/viewpoint



  • In the scientific method, the scientific process, and that science has the best current model for how the world works, and that the very nature of the scientific process will drive knowledge and understanding to further refine our understanding of how the universe is governed by the laws and theories of physics, chemistry, biology, and mathematics
  • that through cosmological forces where upon stars are born live and ultimately die creating new elements that we are “made of star stuff”, in a chemical way we are literally the universe
  • that there is true beauty and wonder within the quantum world, its complexity and impossibilities are utterly beautiful, if hard, to even try and fully comprehend and that one day we will have a united theory
  • that science evolves and develops and that we are not yet close to fully comprehending everything, there is still much to learn, see, explore, and understand
  • that science has the ability to completely understand the physical universe
  • that science cannot answer certain “why” of “philosophical” questions, for that is not its intent and no scientific theory or study can prove, or disprove, the existence of, or the need for, God, it is not within the realm of science but rather philosophy and theology, equally philosophy/theology has no place in science.
  • in the need for human progress and endeavour, to explore, to understand, to create
  • that we have not looked after this world, and are very close to causing damage to it beyond our ability to continue to survive
  • that “nature” will survive our passing, it is more resilient than one species
  • in the very strong likelihood of life on other place, and that it may well be sentient
  • in the need to expand into space, to see new worlds, to venture into the unknown
  • That more should be put into publicly funded scientific research so that it benefits all



all have the right:

  • to community:
    – to gather in civil nature with friends, family, or with like minded people free of persecution or harassment
    – that two adults have the right to join with each other in a union of legal standing that affords their relationship a status of permanency (aka marriage, civil partnership)
    – we are not just small communities of families and friends, but larger communities of areas, cities, countries, nationalities, but ultimately we are all part of the global community
  • to fresh clean water, access to food enough to eat, and sanitation
  • to employment:
    – yet there should be relief when in hardship or difficulty
    – those that have should help support those that do not
  • to healthcare:
    – “free” access to universal healthcare should be provided to all, funded by the population for the good of all.
    – Private health should be available to those who can afford it to lessen any burden on the universal system but not to cause its detriment.
  • to a freedom of expression, speech, and belief:
    – be it in speech, art, discussion, thought, etc
    – this does not stop criticism or difference of opinion, and that reasoned, rational, civil debate is of benefit to both sides if it is done correctly and while agreement many not be reached understanding is possible.
    – We must be willing to have our views changed
    – Opinions are not necessarily facts.
    – Facts must be supported, preferably by evidence from as unbiased sources as possible
  • to a freedom of involvement in the political process:
    – the right and freedom for all adults to vote
    – the freedom to support a political party/ideology
    – governments should be held accountable by their people and not corporations or their own interests
    – the political process should be as transparent as possible
  • to communication and connectivity:
    – the Internet should be available to all, and should be a bastion of freedom and communication
    – no corporation or government should seek to control or censor the web, any control or governance required should be from independent, transparent, groups
    – those that police it for actions deemed criminal in the eyes of their population must do so openly and be informed by the nature of the internet
    – there are no oceans on the internet
  • to live as you so choose, in so much that it does not infringe upon the rights of others.
  • Harassment, abuse, defamation,  slander, and all such negative forces in all their forms (physical, mental, verbal, written, spiritual, etc) should be quickly denounced and then acted upon through the correct procedures (while ensuring those who have “wronged” are not themselves “wronged” in the process)
  • that no person should afforded different rights, or treated differently, because of race, creed, age, sexuality, gender, ability, or any other label we care to use to divide
  •  that ideology and powerful rhetoric have their place, but the reality is that actions, and inactions, speak louder
  • those in power, be that political/financial/etc, will do all they can to maintain and enhance their power
  • that there are parts of a countries infrastructure that should be run by the government, for the people, and it should be ran well as its in all our  best interests
  • That one person can enact great change, but that person is usually a part of something much greater of that time
  • in social justice and that is our duty to speak out for the oppressed, the voiceless, the downtrodden, and against those, be they individual, corporate, or governments, who would seek to use, oppress, and control others
  • that the cult of celebrity, the blind pursuit of becoming famous, is a dangerous disease corrupting our society and driving attention away from the real needs and issues of the world, they are our “bread and circuses” entertainment to keep the masses placated
  • that many parts of the media are twisting the reporting of the news, to fit a specific ideological slant, this create dangerous echo chambers of those blindly accepting opinions as facts, and this twisted opinion pieces as “news” and truth
  • we must educate to inspire and create a desire to learn and know, not force feed facts just to pass exams
  • That there is a time and place for both public and private debate and many have become fearful of public debate because of those who have misused such debates, debates must be civil, level headed, logical, and at the end should be able formal parties to agree to disagree
  • Social media is a tool, it has its place, and its limitations, social media is not a place for debates or difficult subjects



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