A very brief post on Sci-fi…

I love Science Fiction… which to those that know me is about a surprising as finding out that water is wet.

Why do I love it? Apart from the obvious of because I find it enjoyable, its because it offers hope, even at its bleakest and darkest, sci-fi is about hope. It shows us where we are going, both in the best and the worst ways. It extrapolates humanity into an unknown future and shows what we are capable of, and what challenges we must face to become better.

Sci-fi, in many ways, explores humanity, its potentials, its failings, and its strengths, not always through the humans themselves but reflected in the aliens/robots/etc that become extensions of elements of ourselves which when removed from the complexity of human nature allow us a better opportunity to examine how itis a part of us.

It challenges us to become more than we are, to become better, to examine ourselves more closely… of course all genres should do this, all literature, films, TV, should in some way, when they are their best, inspires us, challenge us, cause us to think and grow. Entertainment should not always be empty of all meaning like it is the vast majority of times at the moment.

I know to many fans of sci-fi my knowledge of the subject is lacking (especially as I do not read as much as I aught to), and my tastes may be questionable, but that does not dent my enjoyment of my favourite “genre”, but still may I offer some fine examples of sci-fi for you try, mainly movies as they are the easiest to digest :).

  • Bladerunner (director cut)
  • The Fountain
  • Moon
  • 1978 Invasion of the Body Snatcher (my personal fav of the versions)
  • Voices of a Distant Star (or The Place Promised in Our Early Days)

There are many more I could suggest (District 9, Dune, Enemy Mine, the myriad of deeply dark 70/80s sci-fi), many that are more action heavy (Pitch Black, Aliens, Star Wars, Star Treks) but that list should be an interesting start at the more thought provoking sci-fi out there… of course feel free to suggest others… 🙂

(This page has a good Top 100 sci-fi movies, the order is infinitely debatable the list seems good though – LINK)

EDIT: Thought this would be good here, not only as an awesome example of game engine tech but its actually a rather good sci-fi short story…